Charles X Blocks is a rare and unique mens store still operating after 93 years in time when we have all but lost the memory of a men’s boutique clothing shop.  Where knowledgeable sales people and craftsmen owned the store and took pride in their products and appearance of their customers.

We pride ourselves in being that throwback boutique store where every person who walks through our doors can feel they are somewhere special.   We carry a lot of American made clothing with the highest of quality at lower than box store prices.

We offer amenities you will never find in any large chain department store.  Services such as same day tailoring, shoe repair, zipper repair, leather repair, boutique ordering, dry cleaning, tuxedo rental, even a glass of wine to make the experience far beyond anywhere.

Small business and boutique shops drove the American economy for over a century, we are committed to keeping that experience alive at Charles X Blocks.

Stop in for everything every man needs to maintain a great style.

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